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About Greenhouse to Garden Online Garden Centre

Greenhouse to Garden is an online garden centre currently servicing all of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding communities. At Greenhouse to Garden we offer a full range of landscaping items, for fall, winter, and summer planting arrangements. For customers interested in planting new flowerbeds or landscape areas, we offer an assortment of pre-grown flowers in cell packs, 4" pots, 6"pots, 10" pots and 10"pots. We also offer an variety of beautiful, pre-planted outdoor planters for those looking for a quick landscaping upgrade to their homes and businesses.

Further services rendered through Greenhouse to Garden include landscape design consultation by our professional Landscape Architects and landscape planting services; which includes bed creation, mulch/rock installments, edging, and flower/shrub planting.

At Greenhouse to Garden we only provide the best quality products for our customers. Our partner/supplier has been in the business since 1947, and they know a thing or two about growing some great products. With the Greenhouse to Garden webpage, customers no longer have to drive to a garden center to purchase flowers and supplies. Our simple online platform allows our customers to view our product images in high quality, learn about planting techniques, and simply place orders. Once orders are confirmed Greenhouse to Garden will deliver them right to your front door within 5 business days. Our system is efficient, cost effective, and convenient. We are here for YOU.

Please feel free to click on any of our links below to view our products or send us a message if you have any specific inquiries. We are always here to help.

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