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A lot of people wonder how a typical day looks like at our beautiful garden just north of Toronto and our growing process there. These questions are truly remarkable because this year we have cultivated and nourished the best flowers than ever before. Our flowers are meant for: weddings, parties, and for many other personal reasons. That’s right, we make that custom bouquet of flowers that your fiancée or mom was always looking for. Please, have a look at some of the flowers we have grown:


And this is one of our favorites…..


They are called Alyssum Purple

We begin our day early in the morning, inspecting our flowers with care and love, as if they are ours. We check them out and one by one we make sure they are growing properly and in a timely manner. Afterwards, we then inspect the soil and the water residue on the leafs so that we know our flowers are healthy. After check-marking each one of our flowers, we then do a recheck for higher quality maintenance. Thereafter, we return to the flowers that need more watering and overall more nurture and then we make a final count of our products. This is how some of our other plants are looking:

Salvia Red
And we are very proud of all of flowers, but we would like to showcase this bouquet in particular….
Begonia Salmon Garden

But, how do we do it? Our #1 philosophy is caring for our flowers as if they are own. When a customer purchases our flowers, they know they purchasing from botanical professionals. We are very serious about plants, that is why we are the best flower shop in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Aside from adding a personal touch to our flowers, we also deliver them to our customers with great care and diligence. At our greenhouse, you are not just a customer but you our flower enthusiast that wants only the best and that is why we make sure you are taken care of each and every time.

1 great tip when it comes to flower cultivation: always keep an agenda that tracks growth from sprouting to growth to mature stages. This way you know exactly what is going on with your flowers. We will return to this topic of recording progress at another blog, so please stay in touch.

At Greenhouse to Garden we are dedicated to deliver you the best flowers in town. We are always looking forward to be fulfilling your botanical requests. Please feel free to contact us today.

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